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How Exchange Holiday Homes works  



  • It's very simple to register your holiday home online, it's free and there's no obligation on your part. All members are second home owners only and there's no need to exchange directly with anyone.
  • As a member, you can add dates to potentially offer to other members. These dates, if selected, are always confirmed with you before being finalised, just in case you may have taken a booking and they are no longer available. You can remove dates should you get a booking or want the week/s back for any reason.
  • Once you have fully registered , you can take up to 2 exchanges immediately, as long as you keep dates on your own listing, to cover the credits used until they have been earned back. Again, you can change those dates if you want them back for a rental for example.
  • You can also go to our Late Offers section, and take advantage of the huge discounts available, you can even purchase the full credits of the discounted weeks shown there, without having to use any of your own credits. These are dates that fall into the next 6 weeks.
  • The credits you earn by allowing someone to visit your holiday home are valid for up to 3 years.
  • You can select any dates showing on our lists, or if no dates are showing against any you are interested in, request them by sending us the ID Ref No's. We will ask that member if he will consider adding suitable dates for you, and let you know. We agree many exchanges this way, most of our members are happy to consider requests.
Specifications Credits per Week Credits per Night
1 bedroom 35 5
2 bedrooms 42 6
3/4 bedrooms 49 7
5/6 bedrooms 56 8
Swimming Pool
(if in use)
14 extra 2 extra
Hot Tub (if in use) 7 extra 1 extra
  Member's Bonus Credits per Week Member's Bonus Credits per Night
  These credits are added once a week has been selected by a member and are not payable by that member.

7/12 bedrooms
5+ bedroom ski lodges

14 2
12+ bedrooms 21 3
Peak Season 42 6
High Season 21 3
Whitsun school holiday 14 2
Feb & Oct Half Term 7 1
Recommend A Friend Receive 21 extra credits, when they receive their first booking
  Bonus Credits

Peak Season - Last week in July up to and including the last week in Aug (England school holiday dates only) , Christmas and New Year school holiday dates
High season includes
Easter school holidays, June and remainder of July full weeks .
Whitsun school holiday receives 14 bonus credits. Feb & Oct Half Term school holidays receive an extra 7 credits.

Rest of Europe/North America (not including Florida, see below)

Peak Season - Last week in July to & including the last week in Aug (school holiday dates only) ,
High season includes
Easter, June and remainder of July full weeks . Christmas and New Year,
. Whitsun receives 14 bonus credits. Feb & Oct Half Term receives an extra 7 credits.

The Canary Islands

Peak Season - Christmas & New Year, Jan up to Feb Half Term.
High season includes rest of Feb &
March receives 14 bonus credits.
June, July, Aug full weeks .Whitsun, Oct Half Term receive an extra 7 credits.

Florida/Caribbean Christmas/New Year weeks, last 2 weeks of Feb to and including the  first week in March.
High Season includes Jan, rest of Feb
Easter. Last week of July to end of Aug 21 credits
Ski resorts in Europe/North America Christmas and New Year weeks and Feb Half Term = Peak season
Jan, March and up to the first week in April, Aug UK Summer holidays = High season
South Africa Christmas and New Year, Jan/Feb
Australasia Christmas, New Year and Easter

Exchange Fees (payable only on your own holiday)

£106 6/7 nights. (8 nights £35 extra)
Less for short breaks

5 nights - £98, 4 nights - £91, 3 nights - £87, 2 nights - £79.

  For holidays of 9 -10 nights in the same location,
weekly fee + short break fee (less 10% of short break fee)

Credit Allocation for Short breaks

Weeks Credits 2 nights 3 nights 4 nights 3 nights
35 21 24 27 30
42 25 30 35 38
49 28 32 36 40
53 35 37 39 45
56 35 40 45 49
63 36 41 47 53
70 42 48 53 59
77 42 49 55 63

Some of our Members' Holiday Homes

More Information

You can earn extra credits!  Introduce a new member to us, and the first confirmed exchange booking they receive, you will receive an extra 21 credits.

  • It is free to register and you are under no obligation when you join. You do not need to add dates until you have found somewhere to go, but we do encourage you to do so to increase your dates being selected, after all you can remove them all should you need to for any reason.
  • If you have used any of your credits, you must keep enough dates (up to 1 year in advance) available to cover the value of those used credits, until you have earned them back. However, you can change any added date/s at any time, and replace them with another date/s to cover the credits. We always contact you for confirmation that a date you may have showing is still available before any exchange is tied up.
  • If you don't have enough credits to cover the holiday you are interested in and don't wish to add further dates, you can also top up the credits you do have at £52 per 7 credits, max 21 credits.
  • We have an exciting ‘Late Offers’ section, containing all dates within the next 6 weeks at heavily discounted rates. Members still receive the full original credit value for the week but it costs significantly less credits to select the week. Short breaks are not included in this section.
  • Please Note: These discounts do not apply to weeks that have been added specifically for a particular member by request, even if that week falls within the next 6 weeks.

If you don't wish to use up any of your own weeks, there is an option to purchase the full credit value of any late offer week's showing in this section. No exchange fee is payable when purchasing full credits . Full details on our Late Offers page.

Under certain circumstances (regular members only), full weeks credits can be purchased further in advance that are not in the late offers. Please contact us for more details.

  • To take a look at what some of our members have to say about EHH and using the club, Click here
  • EHH is for Second Home Owners only. For Primary Home or Timeshare swaps, go to the 'Home to Home swaps' thread in our Free Forum, you can add your details there and ask/give advice.
  • We accept payments via World Pay , Bank Transfer or PayPal    




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